Open Cart Review: Your Most Burning Questions About New Release Answered
Our Opencart review has the purpose of giving some insights into the performance of this ecommerce solution. We think it is worthwhile to look into different open cart reviews to determine what the latest release has in place for the users and what benefit comes with this release. To start with, we should state that this version has introduced many new features. They changed some instruments on the dashboard. Also, some open cart reviews tell about the new themes, which are entirely responsive. Many changes were made in the coding.

In this Opencart review, we want to give comprehensive info for design and development specialists regarding the use of Opencart second release. Our Opencart review will reveal some changes made in coding. They guarantee that the previous themes most likely will be incompatible with the latest release.  Therefore, with this Opencart review, we want to tell those clients who use the prior version of Opencart that they don’t need to upgrade to another version quickly. The thing is that themes or extensions have not been released for a new version. Because the newly released Opencart made lots of rumors, some developer firms rushed to update their versions. They had done it before upgraded scripts were released.

But before we go any further in our Opencart review, let’s take a closer look at the new features in the second edition. It is worth mentioning in this Opencart review that the front-end of the new version is very similar to the previous one. We think in this Opencart review that the basic theme is good for building of virtually any e-store. Excellent design and user-friendly navigation along with the array of colors that can be used for customization of the template are good for utilizing it for different types of e-business.

In our Opencart review, we can assure you that the second edition basic theme preserves its cool features having a lot of improvements (great slider, logo carousel and more). Basic navigation stays intact. The integration with BootStrap and its navigation is also a useful thing.

Different Open cart reviews also discuss changes in catalog options. It includes the look and various designs. Some developers like larger size box, while the others say they would rather see reduced sizes.
Our Opencart review also clarifies the situation on the product page. The second edition themes include large picture spaces that are a good option when you want to load big images of your items. But it is very likely that a lot of clients cannot utilize this opportunity because some goods do not allow for composing this kind of images. It means the spacing won’t be utilized fully.

For those who wonder about front-end interface, we can say in this Opencart review that several significant things have not been changed much. These are interfaces for clients’ accounts and shopping cart checkout processes. They remain very similar to the ones of the previous version.  This Opencart review can confirm that this particular situation is rather a good thing because the earlier version had good front-end features. Moreover, clients will have fewer troubles and challenges when deciding to do upgrades in future.

This Opencart review can consider the dashboard in the prior version more challenging than in the second edition. The appearance was old-fashioned, and it didn’t look like the thing which would attract e-store owners. They most likely wouldn’t want to hang out spending their valuable time to manage their stores through such rustic dashboard.  The second edition of Opencart features fully reworked the dashboard. The results are stunning. Its user-friendliness and a good look are really eye-catching.

The changes were done to the navigation (changed to the pop-up menu). It is very similar to admin tools we can find on some other platforms (such as Wordpress, for example). Additionally, it has more spacing for some beneficial elements. It gives the opportunity to utilize the dashboard with perfect results. “Notice” icon is worth mentioning too.  It is a super-cool element of the Opencart dashboards. Its purpose is to notify you of the things that are of importance to you. Our Opencart review together with other Open cart reviews can specify many new features of the second edition. The list of changes is long. So it means that you need to study the new release carefully discovering more benefits (or shortcomings) of the new version.

It is worth mentioning in this Opencart review some great new things. There are significant functionality changes. One of them is extensions management tool. Vendors don’t have to spend time editing, uploading and replacing a file using File Transfer Protocol for installation of extensions. In a new version, it is done through nice and easy online interface.

Excellent features of a new version include the option of connecting in real time with PayPal for collecting info through its “express payments.” For that, you will have to get API of course. It can be done via your account with this payment gateway. It is an excellent thing for any order coming with PayPal payments. We should also mention that features are protecting from fraud also get installed in the second edition. Their configuration is simple, and when you activate them, they are ready for use in your online shop.

Finally, we want to say in our Opencart review that there are some possibilities to track links. Tracking can be done utilizing codes. With such opportunity, you can start monitoring campaign clicks and conversion (if the orders come in one session).

To conclude our Opencart review, we can say that the latest edition of Opencart is a wonderful solution for any  Internet shop. It offers convenient interface. Primary theme looks good too. It can be utilized for practically any kind of goods. Commenting on shortcoming, we need to note in this Opencart review that one of the challenges is the number of features which are not compatible with the previous release. It makes upgrades more difficult. However, that is a common thing. It happens a lot when the latest version has not enough connection to the previous one. That makes it difficult to use this software, and such issue needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.